About Bektrom Foods Inc.

Bektrom foods is a manufacturer of baking mixes (including protein baking mix line and low sugar baking mix line up), pancake mixes, quick breads, oatmeal packets, deluxe sides, dinner sides, rice and noodle sides, instant potatoes, chicken batters and protein coatings, spice shakers and spice grinders. Our production is available in copack, private label or house branded line of Loretta or Larry the Cable Guy and Don’t Break Your Diet.

Leading Manufacturer Since 2008

Bektrom has a warehouse in Monroe, Michigan where we cross dock from all locations for one centralized warehouse. A leading manufacturer of private label dry grocery items since 2008 and our popular Loretta label is currently offered in 38,000 stores in the USA. Our products include baking mixes, deluxe sides, oatmeal and grits, macaroni and cheese, skillet dinners, pasta salads, instant potatoes, stuffing mixes, batter mixes, and spices. We offer an extensive list of products for private label. Our products are sold to all facets of the retail, dollar chains, standard grocery stores, big box stores, and distributors, as well as co-packing and private label. Bektrom currently exports its products to 18 countries.

“We are committed to innovation and excellence, providing our customers with only the highest quality products and competitive pricing.”

Our Products

Our lab team will customize your recipes but minimums do apply. Our current manufacturing capabilities include foil pouch, regular pouch, bag in box, glass bottles, and PET plastic bottles and packets for oat-based products.

Our Facilities

Our facilities cover over 250,000 sq ft with our primary shipping point in Rockwood, Michigan. Our headquarters for our mixing plant is located in Monroe, Michigan and was founded as a flour mill in the early 1900’s and has been producing and blending mixes since 1981.

Our main mixing and packaging plants are located in Monroe, Michigan. All products are cross docked to our Rockwood, Michigan warehouse facility for shipping.