Add A Little Larry The Cable Guy Spice For A Good Cause!

Add A Little Larry The Cable Guy Spice For A Good Cause!

Fried chicken, rib rub, BBQ spice, oh my! Bektrom Foods’ Larry the Cable Guy seasoning, rubs, and spices are bursting with flavor and ready to be added to any entreé to enjoy.

Larry The Cable Guy Donates All Proceeds from Spices & Seasonings Line to Git-R-Done Foundation

Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-R-Done foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2009 by Larry and his wife, Cara, as a focal point for the family’s philanthropy.

Larry The Cable Guy donates 100% of his proceeds from Larry The Cable Guy Spices and Seasonings directly to the Git-R-Done Foundation. Since its inception, the foundation has made over 8 million in donations and is highly dedicated to helping support children and veterans.

So the next time you go to spice up a meal, remember that by choosing Larry The Cable Guy’s seasonings, your purchase is going directly to an amazing cause. 

Bektrom’s Larry the Cable Guy Line of Spices & Seasonings

Steak Seasoning

A simple and delicious seasoning that brings out the carnivore in everyone! If you like an occasional big, juicy steak, you’re going to love this seasoning. Save on prep time, but keep all the flavor. 

BBQ Seasoning

Fire up the grill, and grab this seasoning! It’s the perfect blend for adding a mouthwatering BBQ flavor to your favorite cut of meat. This BBQ Seasoning also tastes great peppered on top of your favorite grilled vegetables.

Wild Game Rub

Custom-designed for wild game, Larry The Cable Guy’s Wild Game Rub, is a woodsy blast of deliciousness. Coat an elk or venison flank steak, give it a quick pan-searing, slice it up, and enjoy. If you love the taste of wild game, this is the seasoning for you. 

Roadkill Seasoned Salt

Seasoned salt; let’s put it in the category of, “Things you didn’t know you needed… until you tried it.” If you’re not familiar with seasoned salt, it can spice up many of your favorite dishes. Corn on the cob, prime rib, roasted meats, carne asada, chicken, potatoes, fish, casseroles, the list goes on.

Larry the Cable Guy Fried Chicken Spice

Level up all of your favorite fried chicken recipes with Larry The Cable Guy Fried Chicken Spice. Crispy, juicy, and perfectly seasoned. Summer parties and block parties will never be the same with this Fried Chicken Spice in your pantry.

Spare Rib Rub

Grab some wet wipes, and get ready to boost the flavor on any rack of ribs you’re cooking! Whether grilling or smoking, Larry the Cable Guy’s Spare Rib Rub is packed with the nuanced BBQ flavors you love. Bottom line, you’ll get finger-licking results!

Fish Seasoning

Spice up your favorite baked, plank-roasted, or grilled fish! The great thing about this fish seasoning is that it’s well-rounded and will work with everything from tuna or white fish to salmon. 

Larry the Cable Guy Beer Can Chicken

Who doesn’t want that moist, fall-off-the-bone tender, beer can chicken with extra-crispy skin? If you love a great whole chicken off the grill, you need to add this Beer Can Chicken seasoning. Once you get a taste of this super-charged flavor, it’ll be your go-to chicken seasoning.

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