The Secret to Leveling Up Your Dinners

The Secret to Leveling Up Your Dinners

We’re going to let you in on a little secret of ours. Sides are often an overlooked part of dinner, but truthfully, they can make or break the meal. A good side dish can take a simple dinner into something special. Having delicious, savory side dishes that add to your dish’s overall texture and flavor will have your guests talking about your dinner until your next get-together.

This blog post will discuss some tasty and easy-to-make dinner sides. So fire up the oven, stovetop, or grill and get ready to level up your dinners with these fantastic sides!

What Makes Our Side Dishes Different?

At Bektrom Foods, we take pride in our sides. We don’t just create any side dish – we carefully create flavorful, delicious sides that are perfect for any occasion. Our sides are made with high-quality ingredients, are simple to make, and contain no artificial flavors. Plus, they are convenient and affordable. Since our side dishes are so easy to make, you’ll look forward to spending more time with your guests.

Dinner Side Ideas

Pasta Salads

Creamy Parmesan

Wake up your taste buds with a memorable and mouthwatering flavor. Creamy parmesan-flavored pasta noodles with ¼ of the mess.

Ranch Bacon

Our Loretta bacon ranch pasta salad is a crowd favorite. This pasta salad is a satisfying side dish full of rich and tangy flavors your guests will love.

Mac n Cheese

Mac n cheese is a classic side that everyone loves! Made with real cheddar and no artificial flavors or synthetic colors. You’ll love the rich, ooey-gooey cheesy goodness in every bite.


Your guests will love our rice and pasta blend in a savory chicken-flavored sauce. It’s the perfect side dish for your favorite chicken recipes.

Alfredo Pasta

Our Loretta Alfredo pasta side is made with fettuccine noodles and a creamy alfredo sauce. This quick side dish is ready in just 7 minutes!

Beer Bread

Larry The Cable Guy’s Beer Bread is a warm, straight out-of-the-oven savory side that will leave you wanting another slice! All you need is one can of beer, 3 Tbsp. of butter, and the mix. Talk about quick and easy!


Get light, fluffy, and golden brown biscuits with our homestyle baking mix. Our easy-to-make mix saves prep and clean-up time.


One of our all-time favorite side dishes is cornbread. It’s a classic side dish that pairs perfectly with any main course, but it’s also delicious on its own.

Dessert Ideas

Don’t forget dessert! Not exactly a side dish, but definitely a staple at get-togethers and the perfect way to level up your dinner. Try our variety of convenient, easy-to-make cookie or other dessert recipes, including Lemon Crisp Cookies, Air Fryer Oatmeal Berry Cookies, Confetti Cookies, and more!

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