Benefits of Meal Prepping

Preparing well-rounded meals while taking care of your home and family can be challenging. Oftentimes, we are all strapped for time and end up ordering carry-out for lunch or dinner. However, meals don’t need to be made fresh in order for them to be delicious or nutrient dense. Meal prepping allows you to have hearty meals at an arm’s length away, without having to sacrifice any more of your time. Continue reading this blog to explore the benefits of meal prep.

4 Major Benefits of Meal Prepping

1. Save Time by Meal Prepping

One of the popular reasons more and more people are beginning to prepare meals is because of the hours it saves them during the week. Dinner from scratch can take anywhere from 1-2 hours before it’s on the table. Bulk cooking and storing meals ahead of time saves you trouble for a few days and possibly for the whole week, depending on how much food is prepared.

2. Meal Prepping is Convenient

The convenience of having meals already prepped takes away the challenge of having to think about what to cook. Nothing is worse than coming home from a long day and realizing you still have to put dinner on the table, whether it’s for yourself or the whole family. If you’re still craving something hot off the stove, try one of Bektrom’s noodle or rice side dishes to accompany your prepped meal. 

3. Improved Portion Control

Overeating is common when consuming meals, especially when dining in or ordering out takeout from a restaurant. However, another benefit to meal prepping is the ability to portion control exactly what you wish to consume. Portion control allows you to reach your dietary goals, whether it’s calories, protein, or other nutrients.

4. Break Your Eating Out Habit

It does not hurt that meal prepping will help break the habit of eating out. For this reason alone, meal prepping has become the go-to method for aiding in weight loss. Not to mention, omitting take-out saves you money and helps with budgeting as well. It is estimated that the average individual can save up to $2,600 by bringing a meal from home versus going out for lunch.

Meal Prepping: The Secret to Building Your Relationship with Food

Meal prepping aids in building a relationship with food. The more we are educated on what we consume, the more aware we are of what we put into our bodies. You can use the opportunity of cooking for yourself to learn about different ingredients, their benefits, and how they impact your overall health. The more time you spend in the kitchen, the more confident you will become in your skills and are less likely to seek out fast food or order take-out.

Meal Prepping with Bektrom Foods

Meal prepping can improve day-to-day lives for the better. It saves time for more important things, helps you stick to your diet goals, and overall improves your relationship with food. Next time you crave your favorite meal, try making it in a large batch for the week!

Bektrom Foods offers various baking mixes, noodles, rice, sides, and spices to up your meal prep game. Shop our online store or find a store near you.

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