Essential Summer Camping Checklist 

Camping is a great way to spend time outdoors with your family. However, being away from the comfort of your home can be challenging. That’s why preparing as much as possible ahead of time is crucial to making the most of your camping experience. Keep your camp hassle-free and enjoyable for everyone by crossing off tasks in this checklist!

1. Prepped Meals

Make a menu plan for your family and pre-cook meals at home. Try Loretta’s Banana Muffin Mix for a quick and easy snack to store or eat while you’re out doing activities. For larger meals, freeze them in individual portions to make it convenient when camping, preferably in heat-safe containers or wrapped in foil to throw them on top of a grill or fire quickly.

2. Packing List

Write down all the items you must bring on your camping trip and double-check once everything is packed in the car before leaving. This one may sound like a no-brainer, but forgetting something at home happens to the best of us! Play it safe and check mark-off items packed in the car as you go. As always with camping, expect the worst regarding the weather. So take advantage of the protective weather gear or other emergency items.

3. Organization

Have a separate bag for each family member with all your camping essentials, including flashlights and rain gear. There’s no such thing as being too organized or prepared. Having individual bags for each member keeps things tidy and omits the guessing game of what belongs to who. 

4. First-Aid

 Ensure you have a first-aid kit with all the items you might need during your camping trip. Accidents happen, especially when traveling with children. Minor scrapes and cuts call for bandages and wound wash. Additionally, about 85% of people are allergic to poison ivy, an inevitable encounter while rummaging in the woods, so cortisone cream or calamine lotion is essential in a camping first-aid kit.

5. Fun Activities

Sitting around a campfire is always fun, but make the most out of your camping trip by exploring the grounds. Plan fun activities for the family, such as a scavenger hunt, board games, or hiking on nearby trails

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